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Hacking Software

Remotely monitor ANY number of computers. Receive screenshots of what the person is doing and key data (key logging / key logger). redpill Hacker allows you to create any number of spy install modules (payloads) that can be emailed to any number of targets. The Social Engineering toolkit allows you to create payloads that the target (person you want to monitor) would want to open. redpill hacker can even send the email with the payload for you.

Note: This video uses an older version, but you will still get the idea.

General Features

  • Each customer gets a unique edition (build) to help avoid detection.
  • 'Attack' a large list of targets with a single click of a button.
  • Add as many email accounts as you want. redpill Hacker can use any SMTP email service and is not limited to gmail.
  • Works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

Payload Features

  • Payloads (install modules) supports various attachment types (links, EXE, RTF, ZIP, Spoofed PDF, RTLO PDF).
  • Heavyweight payloads get past 80 - 90 % of Anti-Virus packages.
  • Lightweight payloads get past 99% of Anti-Virus packages.
  • Returns IP Address, Screenshots and Key Data.
  • Payloads can be customized to fit in with your con.
  • Stealth Document Grabber secretly email documents.
  • Lightweight Payloads bypass UAC Warning Message.

For more on paylaods see redpill Hacker Payloads.

Payload Websites

redpill Hacker can create payload websites (click here to see how) that will convince the target to download and install a payload (spy software install module). No website development skills required - redpill Hacker will create the website for you according to your requirements (to fit in with your con!). You choose any 'program', website name, features, description, etc and redpill Hacker creates your website with the payload that can be downloaded.

Social Engineering Templates

redpill Hacker comes with various social engineering templates (click here to learn more) to help you with each attack. The templates are based on various 'cons' and will help you send bulk emails, create websites and more. You can also customize or create your own templates.

Password Phishing Websites

redpill Hacker can create password phishing sites (click here to see how). These sites does not require the target to open or run any file on his computer and secretly captures the target's username and password.

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