Purchase redpill Hacker

redpill Hacker is only $ 99 (USD) - Once Off Payment - Never Expires

You can purchase redpill Hacker using Bitcoins. Customers in South Africa can contact redpill for alternative payment methods (EFT/Cash Deposit)

Purchase Instructions

Transfer $ 99 (USD) to the following Bitcoind address: 3Bu9HgYuznszPr9TKH9XvatDJqbY4tPEPX

Please only use this bitcoin address and get the latest one from this website. We change the bitcoin address on a regular basis.
Send the bitcoin address you used to purchase to redpill with your email and name (does not need to be your real name. can also be an alias or 'internet handle'. Your name will be included in your unique edition of redpill Hacker).

Before you purchase, please read our EULA

New to bitcoins?

The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins is to use www.localbitcoins.com
If you use perfect money, you can also transfer your PM directly into our bitcoin address with a site like: https://p2pchange.is
Note: We only suggest these sites as we have used them before. There are also other similar sites you can use. It is up to you to make sure you don't loose money or get scammed.

What happens after you paid?

Each customer gets a unique edition (build) to help avoid detection. This unique build takes about 3-4 hours. Once redpill received your payment they will start with your unique build . Once your redpill Hacker is completed, redpill will email you install instructions with a unique download link. Depending on the time of day redpill received the payment, this process can take anything from 3 to about 18 hours.

Thank You.